Claim Guidelines

You should do all you reasonably can to protect your vehicle from further damage. We will not pay for repairs that are necessary because you have not looked after your vehicle properly.
You must report a fault to our Claims Department as soon as practicable and in any case within 7 days. Any failure to notify our Claims Department may result in any future claim being rejected. Once you have spoken to our Claims Department, they will tell you where your nearest network garage is. You can’t use a different garage if you prefer, but if you use one of our network garages, we will be able to pay the repairer direct. This will speed up and simplify the claims process as you will not need to pay the garage and then claim the payment back from us. Also, you will not have to pay towards labour costs.
If you make a claim, you will need to provide proof that you have had the vehicle serviced regularly, and your latest WS certificate/booklet. If you use one of our network garages, they will be able to check these for you. If you prefer, you can take your vehicle to any other WS registered garage.

You must take with you the following documents:
• This program booklet and the program schedule.
• Proof that you have had the vehicle serviced regularly (last service invoice) and your latest WS booklet.
• The claim form with details of the breakdown filled in as far as possible.
Once the repairs have been completed, we will pay the garage if it is one of our network garages.
The garage will find the cause of the breakdown and check that this policy covers the parts directly causing the breakdown.

The garage will be responsible for phoning the administrator’s claims department on 1300 800 833 to agree the cost of repair, or by putting a job request through to us using E-mail. They will start the agreed repairs once we instruct them to.

The claims department has the right to examine the vehicle and to ask an independent expert to assess the breakdown before the garage can start any repairs. We can take your vehicle to one of our approved garages for repair work if we feel this is appropriate. The garage must not start any repairs until the administrator’s claims department have authorized the repair on your policy and agreed the cost.

Should you decide to give permission to the Repairer to commence work on your vehicle without authorization from the Claims Department, you do so in the knowledge that we reserve the right not to meet your claim due to the fact that you have denied us the opportunity to inspect your vehicle and the failure.
Only if agreed by us on performing repairs in other non WS-registered workshop. You should send us the filled-in claim form, paid invoice and any supporting documents (this may include your WS certificate document and proof of regular services).We will pay your claim as soon as we receive your claim form as long as this has been filled in correctly. We will then issue a replacement claim form and return your supporting documents to you. If you need extra claim forms, you can download one direct from our website or simply phone on 1300 800 833 (make sure you have your policy details with you when you call).

The administrator’s claims department must receive your claim within 30 days of the repairs being completed. If we receive your claim after this, we will review the reason for the delay and decide whether to accept the claim.

Complain Procedure

If you have a complaint about any of our services, please let us know so that we have the opportunity to investigate the problem and put things right. You should first send your Complaint to:

Customer Service Department
Jalan 17/56, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

If you are still not satisfied, we will tell you about our procedures and all relevant contact details during each stage of your complaint.
A complaint handler will investigate your complaint. They will not have been directly involved in the issue you are complaining about.
We will usually acknowledge your complaint in writing on the same day, but in any case within five working days. Our acknowledgement will also include the relevant complaint handler’s details and a copy of our procedures. If we need to ask you for more information, we will tell you why this is necessary. We will return your phone calls within two working days. We will give you a clear written explanation for our action. If we need to pay any undisputed amount due under the policy, we will do this quickly and this will not affect your complaint. If we need to take action to settle the problem, we will tell you what action we will take and keep you up to date with any developments. Within four weeks of receiving your complaint, we will send you: – a final response; or – a holding response, which will explain why we cannot yet settle your complaint, and will give you a date by which we will contact you again. You will receive a final response or another holding response within eight weeks of the date we received your complaint. When we issue our final response, we will give you written details of the next stage of our complaints procedure.


Once The Program Is Activated, It Has No Refundable And Non Transferable To Another Vehicle. (Transfer To New Owner With The Same Vehicle Is Subject To Approval From The Management Of Warranty Smart Sdn Bhd)

**Only the components originally fitted as standard by the manufacturer are covered unless agreed in writing by us.

What Is Not Covered?

We will not pay for repairing or replacing any excluded parts or any parts that are not listed under the covered items. Additionally, we will not be made to pay for costs caused by, arising from, or connected with, the following.

1. Body Panels, Paint and Interior Trim
2. Doors lock and Boot locks
3. Keys, remotes and keyless device
4. Seat belts
5. Petrol tanks
6. Glass of Any Description
7. Tyres
8. Batteries
9. Hoses of any description
10. Radiator, Condenser and cooling coil
11. Exhaust System
12. Wiring / Cables
13. Bearings of any description i.e wheel bearing, coupling and ball joints
14. CV joints and long - shafts / propeller shafts
15. Casings and minor oil leaks
16. Worn of deteriorated seals
17. Entertainment System - whether fitted by the manufacturer or not
18. Navigation system - whether fitted by the manufacturer or not
19. Security system - whether fitted by the manufacturer or not
20. Experimental Equipment
21. NGV conversions
22. Suspension system
23. Rubber mountings and bushings
24. Clutch system
25. Brake facings
26. Vehicles used for hire and reward
27. Wear and tear in accordance with vehicle age and mileage
28. Piston rings, Valve seals and Gaskets
29. Normal service and maintenance items
30. Service items and adjustments such as cooling and fuel system cleaning, carbon and sludge
removal, brake and clutch adjustment and drive belt adjustment, software programming
31. Engine tuning, ECU remapping or any performance modification beyond manufacturer’s specifications
32. The replacement of normal service and maintenance items such as lubricants and fluids, filters, spark plugs, drive belts, brake pads and shoes, lamp bulbs, fuses and relays, driers and valves, wiper blades, timing mechanisms, timing belts and chains, thermostats
33. Defects or damage in existence prior to the commencement of the policy
34. Damage caused by the failure of any item not covered by this warranty
35. Conditions such as noise and vibration which does not affect the drivability of the vehicle
36. Oil seepage or water entry
37. Failure of vehicle where the odometer kilometers have been altered or changed, so that the vehicle kilometers cannot be ascertained
38. Any incidental and consequential damage such as telephone calls, towing, car rental charges, hotel charges, loss of time, commercial loss
39. Damage caused from misuse or use beyond limitations such as overloading, racing, modifications of any sort, etc
40. Excessive / high engine oil consumptions due to worn off piston rings and / or valve seals
41. Hybrid system
42. Breakdown or damage caused by someone using incorrect fuel, oil, lubricant, coolant or other fluid
43. Any loss or damage caused by a traffic accident, accidental damage, theft or attempted theft, the vehicle not being used properly, or any act which is willful, againts the law or negligent.
44. Any loss arising from you not having the vehicle serviced in line with the conditions of this program, or you not maintaining the vehicle properly as set out in your servicing handbook.
45. Repairing or replacing parts which have not suffered a breakdown, unless such repairing or replacement is necessary or incidental to any breakdown or damange of any other covered part.
46. Any repair or replacement, loss or damage or liability, which is covered by any other warranty or guarantee or goodwill settlement or repair, or any form faulty design or faults whereby the manufacturer needs to recall parts, or any manufacturer modifications.
47. We will not pay for any losses which are not directly covered by the terms and conditions of this policy/program.
48. Any external oil leaks, oil seepage and/or anything related to do with engine burning oil.
49. Any overheated/overheating caused to the engine, gearbox and covered items
50. We will not cover if the engine timing run out, or broken items related to engine timing run out.
51. Breakdown or damage to parts (whether covered or not) caused by frost, water, freezing, liquids, carbon build up, corrosion, oxidization, blockages, contaminants building up, sludge or silt, or other waste matter that has prevented the parts from working properly.
52. Burnt or worn-out clutch parts, and the buil-up of carbon